Metal Wire Drawing Machine System

Metal Wire Drawing Machine System

What Is Wire Drawing Machine? 

To put it simply, The wire drawing machine, also called wire rod drawing machine, is a mechanical equipment for drawing metal wires, which can change the diameter of thick wire raw materials into thin wires.

In detail, a metal wire drawing machine is a kind of pre-processing equipment for producing metal products such as standard metal parts. The aim of wire drawing machine lies in drawing the metal wire rods or bars produced by steel manufacturers, so that the diameter, roundness, internal metallographic structure, surface finish, and straightening of metal wire rods or bars can meet the raw material treatment requirements for producing standard metals parts, components and other metal products. Therefore, wire drawing machine plays an vital important role in the pretreatment quality of the metal wire rods or bars.  These metal wire rods or bars will further determine the quality of the standard metal parts and other metal products. As a result,  wire drawing machine will have an obvious influence on manufacturers' finished metal products.

Wire Drawing Machine Uses

In the manufacturing process, metal wire drawing machines are widely used in the production and preprocessing of  steel wires, wire ropes, prestressed steel wires and standard metal parts.

For Industies, metal wire drawing machines are widely used in machinery manufacturing, hardware processing, petrochemical, plastics, bamboo and wood production, wires and cables and other industries.

Types Of Wire Drawing Machine Wholesale

Metal Tech has various types of wire drawing machines for sale. We also sell auxillary machines to help upi make better quality finished metal products. In other words, We sell a whole metal wire drawing machine line solutions.

According to metal wire of different materials, metal wire drawing machines can be divided into stainless steel wire drawing machine, ss wire drawing machine, copper wire drawing machine, aluminium wire making machine, high carbon steel wire drawing machine, iron wire drawing machine and so on.

As a professional wire drawing machine manufacturer in China, Metal Tech has various types of wire drawing machines for sale.  We sell wire drawing machines with the most advanced technology for dealing with straight metal wires.  We sell pulley type wire drawing machines which is widely used in various industries and can make customization order to meet different needs of customers.  We also sell water tank wire drawing machines for small diameter metal wires and vertical wire drawing machines for large diameter metal wires. Besides, we sell auxliiary machine for manufacturing better queality finished products. Welcome to contact us to get wire drawing machine quote!

Metal Wire Drawing Machine System Specification PDF

Metal Tech Wire Drawing Machine Features

  • Long working lifetime: 10-15 years in general, Max. more than 20 years.

  • Worldwire pre-sale and after services: due to the different countries and markets, some of our clients will face some problem when using Wire Drawing Machine. Metal Tech cherishes every client and does the best service always.

  • Strict machine quality control: each production step has been controlled by our professiona inspectors. Metal Tech promise to use high-quality raw materials at each steps.

  • Technical support. We not only make wire drawing machine design, but also help you design the layout of the factory and workshop to place our wire drawing machines. Besides, Metal Tech can send engineers to customer's factory to install machines and train technicians.

  • Friendly partnership: besides professional business and manufacturing service, partnership is also the most important thing for Metal Tech, we hope we can make longtime partnership with all customers from all over the world.

Wire Drawing Machine Line Introduction

The wire drawing machine production line, according to the production process, mainly includes several processes: Wire Pay-off, surface treatment, wire drawing, and wire take-up.

Wire Pay-off

METAL TECH mainly adopts and produces High-station Wire Pay-off. Before the metal wire enters the wire drawing machine, there is enough space and tension to enable the wire to enter the wire drawing machine smoothly.

wire pay off processing

wire pay off processing

Surface Treatment

Before the wire enters the wire drawing machine, it is generally necessary to carry out simple surface treatment to remove rust and dirt on the wire surface, which can not only make the drawn wire bright and clean, but also protect the drum of the wire drawing machine, Extend the service life of the drum.

surface treatment

surface treatment

At present, METAL TECH mainly adopts and produces a High-station Wire Pay-off with Descaling Wheels, which is convenient and space saving. Of course, it can also use a separate Five Wheels Motorless Descaling Machine.

high-station wire pay-off with descaling wheels

high-station wire pay-off with descaling wheels

For some high carbon steel raw materials or products with special requirements, surface treatment also requires special processes such as pickling, phosphating and water washing, which are determined according to the project and product requirements.

Wire Drawing

Wire drawing is the core part of the wire drawing machine production line. Each drum is equipped with a wire drawing die with a fixed wire diameter to draw the wire to the specified specification using the ductility of metal.

metal wire drawing machine

metal wire drawing machine

wire drawing die

wire drawing die

Before wire drawing, it is necessary to use a kind of auxiliary machine - the Pointing Machine to Sharpen the inlet wire, then let it go easily through each drawing die and drum manually.

pointing machine for wire drawing

pointing machine for wire drawing

Another necessary auxiliary machine is the butt welding machine. When the wire breaks during the wire drawing process, the broken wire can be welded to continue the wire drawing without restarting.

The following pictures clearly show the comparison before and after wire drawing.

metal wires before drawinga metal wire before drawing

Raw material: 6.5mm, rough and partially rusted

metal wires after drawinga metal wire after drawing

Finished product after wire drawing: 2.35mm, smooth and bright

Wire Take-up

The last step is wire take-up. After the wire drawing is completed, the wire needs to be take-up on the wire stacking rack. METAL TECH most often recommends that customers use an Automatic Discharging Machine, which is fully automatic, convenient and efficient without stopping the machine.

wire take up

wire take-up

Of course, according to different purposes and cost considerations, it can also choose the ordinary Discharging machine or the I-typed wheel Discharging machine for take-up.

wire discharging machine

wire discharging machine

Wire Drawing Machine Production Line Delivery Case Show

Wire Drawing Machine Exporter to Vietnamese

On June 30, 2022, Metal Tech loaded a container of a wire drawing machine production line ordered by a Vietnamese customer. The customer ordered a whole production machine from wire pay-off to automatic Discharge.

AMACCAO JOINT STOCK COMPANY is a large group company. After investigating more than a dozen Chinese suppliers, they finally chose our company. This is the first production line they ordered from our company. After it is officially put into production, 4-5 production lines will be ordered successively according to the capacity demand of the customer.

High-quality service and excellent machine quality will always be the key for our Metal Tech company to win customers. Welcome to contact us for steel wire drawing machine price, we are a professional steel wire drawing machine manufacturer.

steel wire drawing machine pricewire rod drawing machine

wire drawing machine for salesteel wire drawing machine manufacturer

The Second Vietnam Wire Drawing Machine Production Line Project

On November 9th, 2022, we loaded the second container of wire drawing machine production line ordered by Vietnamese customer.


This is the second time that AMACCAO Group has ordered wire drawing machine production line with us after an interval of four months. This time, it includes a vertical wire drawing machine for drawing 10mm and 8mm steel wires, and a set of 550 pully type wire drawing machines for drawing 6mm steel wires.

wire drawing machinewire drawing machine

Wire Drawing Machine Exporter to Tanzania

The following pictures are of our wire drawing machines recently exported to Tanzania. Our after-sales team installed and trained workers for local customers.




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