The Main Functions of ​Vacuum Annealing Furnaces

The Main Functions of ​Vacuum Annealing Furnaces

The vacuum annealing furnace is suitable for solution treatment and aging treatment of large and medium-sized vacuum product parts. Vacuum high pressure gas annealing furnace is a very advanced vacuum heat treatment equipment. Its excellent performance and design are widely used in vacuum bright gas quenching and annealing of high-precision parts of high-speed steel, die steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, titanium alloy and other alloy materials and sintering and rapid cooling of magnetic materials.

Ⅰ. The structure and composition of vacuum annealing furnaces

The vacuum annealing furnace is composed of a heating furnace hood and a mobile chassis. The top of the square (or round) furnace hood is equipped with a crane, and the basket can be lifted to the furnace through chains and hooks. The furnace hood is supported by section steel, and there is a pneumatic (or electric) operated furnace door at the bottom. The bottom frame under the furnace hood can be moved and positioned along the track, and the bottom frame carries the quenching water tank and the material basket. During production, move the material basket on the bottom frame to just below the furnace hood, open the furnace door, put down the chain and hook to hoist the material basket into the furnace, and close the furnace door for heating. For quenching, first move the water tank on the bottom frame to just below the furnace hood, then open the furnace door, put down the chain, and quench the basket (workpiece) into the water.

Ⅱ. The main functions of vacuum annealing furnaces

The main circuit and control circuit of the control part of the vacuum annealing furnace are separated, and they are equipped with air switches and circuit breakers as operating units, which are not only conducive to debugging and maintenance, but also provide reliable protection for short circuit and overload of the system. The whole control system has functions such as temperature setting, locking, fault alarm, temperature recording and so on.

The temperature control adopts the imported intelligent expert PID self-tuning program control adjustment method, which can control the continuous output of the solid-state controllable integrated electric power module, and control the furnace temperature in an ideal state, with high control accuracy (±1°C) and good furnace temperature uniformity. At the same time, the power can be manually set within an appropriate range, the power ratio of each interval can be coordinated, the use function of the furnace can be expanded, and the thermal inertia can be reduced. The multi-section furnace can be adjusted through this function to achieve nearly synchronous heating, heat preservation and cooling in each section, which maximizes the temperature balance of the heat treatment process of the product in the furnace and reduces thermal uneven deformation.

The control system has the functions of temperature display and temperature curve recording in the heat treatment process. Six temperature recorders can simultaneously record the working conditions of the furnace temperature of the vacuum annealing furnace. The furnace is divided into 6 temperature control areas distributed in the furnace according to the front and rear of the furnace, and the position of the temperature measurement point is reasonably set to avoid the large deformation of the vacuum tank due to uneven heating. Each area of the control system has protection functions such as over-temperature disconnection, sound and light alarm, and automatic cut-off of heating power.

According to different energy sources, wire annealing furnace can be divided into electric annealing furnace, gas energy annealing furnace and petroleum energy LPG annealing furnace.

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