Maintenance Precautions for Nail Pin Making Machine

Maintenance Precautions for Nail Pin Making Machine

Every time we use a nail pin making machine, its internal workpieces suffer a wear. Although the nail pin making machine is relatively simple to operate, consumes less energy and has low noise, it is also impossible to be used in production forever. When we use the equipment at ordinary times, we should pay attention to the reasonable use of it. In this way, its service life will not be reduced. Every time we use the nail pin making machine, we check the various parts of the equipment before using it, and try it out for a few minutes to see if there is any abnormal state and sound. When there is a small problem with the equipment, we will kill it in the cradle, which not only ensures the health of the equipment, but also can operate it correctly.

1. How to maintain high-speed nail pin making machines?

(1) The power transmission switch cable and main circuit switch connected to the high-speed nail pin making machine must be able to meet the power requirements.

(2) The equipment protection connecting wire cannot be smaller than the conductor cross section.

(3) When connecting the equipment to the power supply, make sure that the electrical system is in good condition.

(4) If you find that the oil tank of the equipment is not full, you must remember to fill the oil tank with oil.

The above four points are indispensable tips for maintaining a high-speed nail machine. If you understand it clearly, you can try it!

2. Precautions for maintenance of nail pin making machine

(1) Do not perform adjustment work while the machine is in motion.

(2) Keep the machine clean and tidy, the nail die should be cleaned frequently, and do not use rusted wire to make nails.

(3) After starting, wait for the machine to run normally before pulling the wire feed handle to feed the wire nails. When parking, stop the wire feed first.

(4) Keep the nail knife sharp.

(5) During the operation of the nail pin making machine, attention should be paid to the temperature rise change of each friction part and the occurrence of abnormal noise.

(6) Disconnect the power first when repairing equipment or electrical appliances.

(7) The equipment that needs to be replaced shall use the original specifications.

(8) Regularly inject oil and lubricate to ensure that all lubricating parts are well lubricated.

(9) Do not use it without removing the protective cover.

The high-speed nail pin making machine is a special-shaped nail that can be used in nail guns, high-speed nail welding machines and other styles. Nail-making machine manufacturers have used advanced technology in the design to make it easier and safer to operate, and to have a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. The structure design is relatively compact, and a plunger-type structure is adopted. Such a mechanism can better ensure that the products produced are better, the noise generated during operation is also low, and the impact force is relatively small.

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