Kenya Mesh Machine Project-Metal Tech

Kenya Mesh Machine Project-Metal Tech

As wire mesh machine and wire machine expert, Metal Tech has received one order from Kenya Client. Who emailed us about his first inquiry in Feb 2022 with below machines:

1. Chain link fence machine

2. Barbed wire making machine

3. Wire nail making machine

4. BRC mesh welding making machine.


After 1 month discussion by email and whatsapp , The client choose us-Metal Tech finally. We are very honor that 100% new client trust us ,due to our very good reputation of machine quality and service in whole of the world.

Unfortunate, from April to May our area has locked down due to COVID-19 problem, but we tried our best to arrange the production in regular and at last we have completed all machine in time and also all of them passed trial running inspection.


In June this month , we have completed container loading and all machines will arrive at Mombasa port at the end of July.

Hope Metal Tech Chain link fence machine, barbed wire making machine , nail making machine and BRC mesh welding machine can support our client win the Kenya market and hope our client will be in very very good business always.


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