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In order to offer high-quality machines to all of our clients, we use high technology workshop machines included CNC machining equipment to control each part's precision and make each part working together well. So that our gabion machine, wire drawing machine, nail making machine, chain link fence machine, barbed wire making machine and wire mesh welding machine can always do good in the sight of our clients.

The high-precision wire and wire mesh machine produced by Metal Tech is a complete set of equipment for welding electrode manufacturers. The advantage of our wire machine and wire mesh machine is that it meets the requirements of high efficiency and high standards for cutting steel wire under the requirements of low energy consumption and low noise. It can improve the production efficiency and product quality of welding electrode manufacturers, and reduce the consumption of resources. Metal Tech can provide specific products according to customer needs for further use.

Besides the high-quality workshop machines, our workshop with very professional laboratory apparatus for testing final products produced from our machines. We have one fully experienced technician team for manufacturing and machine commissioning, they work hard always for all of our clients.

In a word, METAL TECH has 100% confidence in our powerful technical support to each client.

Testing Machine

Copper Wire Drawing Machine Manufacturers
  • Copper Wire Drawing Machine Manufacturers
  • Steel Wire Drawing Machine Manufacturer
  • Chain Link Fence Machine Manufacturers

Complete Machine Workshop

Nail Manufacturing Process
  • Nail Manufacturing Process
  • Wire Drawing Machine Manufacturer
  • Wire Drawing Plant

Finished Products Testing Machine

Nail Making Machine Manufacturer
  • Nail Making Machine Manufacturer
  • Nail Making Machine Manufacturers

Gabion Machine Workshop Show

Thread Rolling Machine Manufacturer
  • Thread Rolling Machine Manufacturer
  • Bolt Making Machine Manufacturers
  • Nail Making Machine Suppliers
  • Wire Nail Making Machine Manufacturer
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