Nut Tapping Machine

Nut Tapping Machine

Metal tech Nut Tapping Machine, is a necessary machine for nut production. Nut threading machine is mainly used for the production of the internal thread of nut. Choose Metal Tech nut tapping machine manufacturer with wholesale competitive nut tapping machine price.

Nut Tapping Machine

Specifications of Nut Tapping Machine

Specification   ModelCapacityProduction Rate.(Max)Motor(HP)LubricantTap(mm)Net Weight(kgs)Machine Dimensions
SJNT13B-4T#8-5/16      M5-M8400-2002HP*2Pole500262*30R1300182*155*180
SJNT19B-4T5/16-1/2     M8-M12260-1603HP*4Pole550323*30R1700195*165*195
SJNT24B-4T1/2-5/8     M12-M16160-1205HP*4Pole700416*50R1900194*191*212
SJNT33B-4T5/8-7/8    M16-M22120-907.5HP*6Pole700450*55R3600262*200*220
SJNT41B-4T3/4-1    M18-M27110-8010HP*6Pole800480*55R5600275*210*250
SJNT46B-2T1-1&1/4   M24-M3045-2615HP*6Pole900600*70R6500220*300*273
SJNT60B-2T1&1/4-1&1/2    M30-M3920—1015HP*6Pole900606*85R6700220*300*273

Advantages of Nut Tapping Machine

Metal tech Nut Tapping Machine use high-quality material parts, strict quality management all these guarantee superior quality and long performance Nut Tapping Machine life.

Details of Nut Tapping Machine

Nut Threading Machine

Finished Products of Nut Tapping Machine

Nut Tapping Machine

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