High Production Efficiency Nail Manufacturing Machine Can Improve Market Competitiveness

High Production Efficiency Nail Manufacturing Machine Can Improve Market Competitiveness

The high-speed automatic nail manufacturing machine adopts advanced technology. The machine has advanced design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient use and safe operation. This machine has good rigidity and shock absorption. The use of plunger structure ensures the characteristics of high speed, low noise and less impact. Especially, it can produce high-quality nails. It is used for high-speed nail welding machines and nail guns with coil nails and other special-shaped nails. Nowadays, all walks of life are facing the situation of soaring prices and tight supply of raw materials such as fuel. All enterprises have already felt certain pressure. Therefore, the only way to improve market competitiveness is to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

1. Performance advantages of high-efficiency nail manufacturing machine

(1) Low noise of nail manufacturing machine

nail manufacturing machine manufacturers use advanced arc gears and new high-precision cams to reduce the noise of the machine and improve the stability during operation.

(2) Low failure of nail manufacturing machine

After the whole machine is fully enclosed, the pollution of the external dust to the inside of the machine is further improved. With the automatic lubrication system and automatic fault detection device, the machine can reduce wear during high-speed operation and achieve low failure.

(3) High efficiency of nail manufacturing machine

In view of the rapid progress of electronic frequency conversion technology in recent years, the nail manufacturing machine has obtained excellent performance in speed regulation and has the advantage of saving power resources. Therefore, the frequency converter is used to control the speed of the motor to meet some special process requirements and reduce the consumption of electric energy. In addition, the central slider adopts the characteristics of plunger and rectangular structure to ensure high speed and less impact, and minimize the waste of raw materials. so as to achieve higher efficiency.

2. The solution to the problem of nail manufacturing machine producing nail cap

(1) There is no nail cap: This is a common fault, most of which is the reason why the clamp cannot clamp the nail wire, you only need to replace the clamp; there is another possibility that the nail is reserved for punching the nail cap The wire is too short, just adjust the length of the reserved wire.

(2) The nail cap is not round: This fault is usually also on the fixture. First, observe whether the countersunk hole on the fixture is round. If it is not round, it needs to be re-drilled; it is also necessary to observe whether the die hole of the fixture is uneven and adjust it. Guaranteed to be flat. There is also a problem with the nail wire, either the nail wire reserved for punching the nail cap is too short, adjust the length of the reserved nail wire; or the nail wire is too hard to punch the nail cap or the nail cap is unqualified , the nail wire needs to be annealed.

(3) Thickness of the nail cap: It is also necessary to check the fixture to see whether the height of the two sets of fixtures is the same, and also to see whether the fixture can clamp the nail wire, and then observe whether the countersink hole of the fixture has serious wear on one side In this case, it is necessary to observe whether the nails are too hard and the nail caps punched out are unqualified.

(4) The nail cap is skewed: first, check whether the center of the nail knife of the nail manufacturing machine is consistent with the center of the nail die, whether the front and rear heights of the nail knife are neat, and whether the counterbore positions of the two nail dies are on the same plane. Check for loose shells.

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