Gabion Box Machine is Widely Used in Various Fields

Gabion Box Machine is Widely Used in Various Fields

Ⅰ. Application fields of the gabion box machine

Gabion box machine is professional equipment for producing regular hexagonal metal. Its products are widely used in petroleum, construction, breeding, chemical industry, heating pipelines and other pipelines; it can also be used for fences, residential and landscaping protection, etc.

Ⅱ. The use of gabion machine in producing gabion box

The gabion box machine can be used for side slope support, foundation pit support, shotcrete hanging on the mountain rock surface, side slope vegetation (greening), railway highway isolation guardrail. It can also be made into box cages, cushions used for rivers, dykes and dams. Anti-scouring protection of seawalls, closure of reservoirs and rivers. The serious disaster of the river is the water flow scouring the river bank to destroy it, and the flooding caused by the flood, resulting in a large amount of loss of life and property and a large amount of soil erosion.

Therefore, when dealing with the above problems, applying the ecological lattice structure becomes one of the solutions, which can protect the river bed and bank. The gabion box machine's products are primarily used in embankment slope protection, retaining walls, bridge protection, river protection, highway subgrade protection, side slope protection, ecological riverbank slope improvement, and other projects. The stone cage is divided into several cells by partitions. Steel wires with larger diameters are used at the edges of all panels to strengthen the cushion structure, and several blank boxes are placed on the flat ground to connect them. When binding the bottom line frames of the adjacent sides between the upper box groups in the case of a lower box group, the surface layer frames or sheets of the lower box group must be tied together, and the spiral fixing wire must be used to disturb and tighten it to be connected as a whole. Fold the cover down, pull it into place and twist it with the front plate, side plate and partition.

One of the gabion mesh machines produced by HANGZHOU METAL TECH I/E gabion box manufacturers can be specially used to create the following hexagonal mesh machine products, namely the hexagonal metal wire mesh machine. We provide customers with heavy-duty hexagonal wire mesh machines and auxiliary equipment, materials and tools to help install and set up the gabion production line to produce hexagonal wire mesh products. This hexagonal mesh product is usually fixed in place by rocks and other fillers, preventing damage caused by water scouring.

The gabion machine is a high-quality metal wire mesh hexagonal net product used to reinforce the stone box. Secondly, our gabion box machine utilises advanced technology at home and abroad to ensure stable operation and low noise. Last but not least, because of its design, it is easy for customers to control. You are welcome to consult our products online!

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