The Use and Choice of Wire Drawing Machine

The Use and Choice of Wire Drawing Machine

There are many types of equipment in the wire drawing machine industry. Standard wire drawing machines include water tank wire drawing machines, straight line wire drawing machines, pulley type wire drawing machines, and inverted wire drawing machines. The wire drawing machine is mainly used for copper wire, stainless steel wire and other metal wire materials as essential processing equipment in the cable manufacturing industry. With the continuous development of frequency conversion speed regulation technology, frequency conversion speed regulators have been widely used in the wire drawing machine industry. Rolling mill manufacturers are responsible for wire drawing speed regulation, tension curling, and multi-level synchronization control. The application of the frequency converter has dramatically improved the automation level and processing capacity of the wire drawing machine, effectively reduced the unit energy consumption and maintenance cost of the equipment and has been widely recognized by the industry.

Ⅰ. The use of a wire drawing machine

1. Pay off

For the wire pay-off, there is no high precision required to control the entire wire drawing machine. For most wire drawing machines, the pay-off operation is realized by the frequency converter driving the pay-off frame, but there are also some double frequency conversion controls. For wire drawing machinery, the rolling mill manufacturer directly feeds the wire into the wire drawing machine through wire tension drafting in the wire drawing link to achieve free wire release.

2. Wire drawing

The wire drawing link is the most important work link of the wire drawing machine. With different metal materials, different silk varieties and requirements, the drawing process is very different.

3. Take-up

The operating speed of the take-up link determines the production efficiency of the entire wire drawing machine, and it is also the most challenging part of the whole system to control. In the winding part, the commonly used control technology includes synchronous control and tension control to realize the winding of metal products.

Ⅱ. Selection of steel bar for wire drawing machine

How to select the steel bar of the wire drawing machine, first of all, it is necessary to make it as statically indeterminate as possible, so the more the number of times, the more economical. In addition, in the issue of choosing a plan, do not choose to increase a large number of steel bars to reduce the cracks of the components. This is incorrect. Also, in the selection of cross-sections, more reasonable materials should be selected. Grade 3 steel is good, and 30+3 grade steel is a good combination.

The quality of the wire or bar pretreatment of the wire drawing machine is directly related to the product quality of standard parts and other metal product manufacturers. The wire drawing machine belongs to the metal product equipment industry. The wire drawing machine is widely used in producing and pretreatment of standard parts of metal products such as steel wire, various steel wire mesh, nails, and screws.

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