Advantages of Hexagonal Wire Mesh Machine

Advantages of Hexagonal Wire Mesh Machine

Advantages of Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Hexagonal wire mesh is usually woven from ductile low-carbon iron wire or PVC-coated iron wire. Its structure is firm and the surface is flat. The materials used for it are usually of good anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation and other good characteristics, and that's why hexagonal wire meshes are widely used in aquaculture, construction, greening, decoration and other industries. Hexagonal wire mesh are also often used in water conservancy projects because of their very low cost. It is filled with stones and the opening is sealed, which can be found anywhere. 

The installation of the hexagonal wire mesh is very simple, even the novice can install it quickly. No matter how bad the external environment is, it will not rust or deform. When the geology is deformed, the hexagonal network can still maintain its shape and will not collapse. A lot of raw materials can be used for making hexagonal, such as lead wire, iron wire, steel wire and so on. Hexagabion mesh made of steel wire often has more stable structure, and it also has anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation properties. When it is impacted by the outside power, it will not easily deform. Hexagonal wire mesh is a multifunctional mesh product with protection and ecology functions. In order to avoid displacement during the installation, an effective connection should be made between mesh cages, which can not only integrate all cages better, but also increase the stability of the structure.

The hexagonal wire mesh is also an ideal material for anti-corrosion, consolidation of river beds and river management in the geographical field. The hexagonal wire mesh has a natural bioengineering structure, that means once the construction is completed, the hexagonal wire mesh has the function of natural restoration of the environment. This is of great importance. The hexagonal wire mesh not only does not prevent the growth of plants, but also create a good ecological environment for the natural growth of plants, the development of root systems, etc., and provide a good aesthetic habitat for humans, animals and plants. Furthermore, after the installation, the hexagonal wire mesh can reduce surrounding noise and provide a more attractive drainage and filtering device.

Hexagonal Wire Mesh Machine

Hexagonal wire mesh machine is a device for producing regular hexagonal metal meshes. Its wire mesh products are widely used in such industries as petroleum, construction, aquaculture, chemical industry, heating pipelines and other pipelines. Hexagonal wire meshcan also be used for fences, residential and landscaping protection. In addition, the hexagonal wire mesh can also be used to make gabion cages, which are widely used to protect and support seawalls, hillsides, roads and bridges, reservoirs and other civil engineering. Undoubtedly, hexagonal wire mesh is a good material for flood control.

MTC wire mesh manufacturing machine is a machine that produces heavy hexagonal wire mesh, and then folded over and connected to form a mesh to complete the hexagabion box. The basic working principle is the interweaving of horizontal barbed wire and vertical barbed wire. The entire packaging of hexagonal wire mesh machine includes a pay-off frame, a wire pay-off machine, a wire drawing machine, a main net machine and a winding machine. And the workshop size usually requires 32x15x6 meters (LXWXH).  Hexagonal wire mesh machines are widely used in water conservancy projects, mountain protection and mining protection all over the world. Hexagabion mesh boxes are also more economical than concrete products. Welcome to enquiry our wire net making machine prices!

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