What Are the Types of Annealing Furnaces?

What Are the Types of Annealing Furnaces?

1. Trolley type annealing furnace

The trolley type annealing furnace is an energy-saving periodic operation furnace with a fiber structure that saves 30% of electricity. It adopts composite high-alumina porcelain nail set, trolley anti-collision sealing brick, automatic sealing trolley and furnace door, integrated rail with no need for foundation installation, which can be used on level ground. Mainly it is used for quenching, annealing, aging and heat treatment of various mechanical parts such as high chromium, high manganese steel castings, ductile iron, rolls, steel balls, 45 steel, stainless steel and others.

It is widely used in chemical, petroleum, food, metallurgy, machinery, light industry, electric power, shipbuilding, papermaking, mining, medicine, central heating and other industrial sectors. With the development of social productivity, its application in various industries has become more and more extensive.

2. Pit annealing furnace

Purpose: For heat treatment of metal parts, rings, etc. at a rated temperature. The pit annealing furnace is composed of a furnace body, a movable furnace cover and a control system.

(1) The furnace shell is welded by section steel and steel plate.

(2) Furnace cover support adopts the combined movable type of section steel and guide rail.

(3) The heating element is made of high-resistance alloy and arranged on the furnace side.

(4) The furnace bottom adopts high-alumina brick for load-bearing, and the furnace center adopts the method of large loop and small loop, heating inside and outside.

(5) The furnace cover adopts hydraulic lifting, and the motor controls automatic walking.

(6) The temperature control system adopts PID thyristor control with high precision.

3. Box annealing furnace

Purpose: It is mainly used as the special equipment for quenching, normalizing, annealing and other conventional heat treatment of steel workpieces.


(1) The electric annealing furnace has large loading capacity and high productivity. It is especially suitable for heat treatment and heating of small and medium-sized parts. It can save energy up to 30%, and the furnace temperature is uniform and is automatically controlled, and the precision is high.

(2) The electric furnace is convenient to load materials and has good operating conditions.

(3) The furnace door and the furnace body are sealed automatically, without manual sealing.

(4) The electric furnace is equipped with an interlocking protection device to prevent malfunctions and accidents caused by misoperation.

4. Bell annealing furnace

The bell annealing furnace is mainly used for annealing thin sheets and normalizing steel parts in a natural atmosphere.

(1) Special steels, precision alloys, and large-scale all-fiber trolley-type resistance furnaces illustrate the bright annealing of strips and wires.

(2) Annealing of special steel castings and forgings.

(3) Finished annealing of silicon steel sheet.

(4) Sintering of metal and non-metal powder pressed parts.

5. Continuous bright annealing furnace

Uses: Used for continuous bright annealing of copper straight pipes (rods), steel pipes and aluminum pipes of different specifications under a controlled atmosphere.

(1) Features: The workpiece continuously passes through processes of preheating, heating, heat preservation, slow cooling, and cooling without being restricted by length. The transmission adopts idler type synchronous transmission and frequency conversion speed regulation, stable and reliable. Through protecting atmosphere and strong thermal atmosphere circulation, the temperature is uniform, and the inner and outer surfaces are very bright. The unique design of the cooling zone ensures uniform cooling of the workpiece. The processed products have bright internal and external surfaces, high product quality and high productivity.

(2) Heating method: electric heating or gas heating.

(3) Production line composition: front roller charging platform, front ventilating chamber, front preheating zone, heating furnace, slow cooling zone, cooling zone (including transition zone and strong air cooling zone), rear ventilating chamber (water cooling zone), rear roller charging system, computer control system, electrical control system, protecting atmosphere device.

6. Bell type bright annealing furnace


(1) The entire annealing process of the material is placed in a protective atmosphere, the surface of the annealed workpiece is bright and non-oxidized, and the surface of the material is not decarburized and oxidized.

(2) Because the protective gas in the furnace is strongly convectively circulated by a special fan, the furnace temperature is uniform, so that the temperature difference in the furnace is controlled within 5 ℃; thus effectively ensuring that all annealing materials in the furnace are consistent in hardness, which is convenient for further processing of materials.

(3) Double furnace bases are used for heating and cooling, with quasi-continuous operation mode. The furnace body structure is scientific and reasonable, the energy saving effect is obvious, and the energy consumption is low. The maximum capacity of a single furnace is 90 tons, and the production efficiency is high.

(4) The surface of the material treated by this type of furnace is bright, which eliminates the pickling process, ensuring the working environment is clean, and eliminating acid pollution.

(5) The whole set of equipment is controlled by a microcomputer, and the degree of automation is high. The bell type bright annealing furnace can effectively ensure the product quality and the safe operation of the equipment.

Scope of application:

(1) Bright annealing for the middle and finished products of ferrous metal steel strips, steel wires and steel pipe fittings.

(2) Bright annealing of non-ferrous metal copper strips, copper wires, copper tubes, copper rods and finished products.

(3) Bright annealing of loose parts such as standard parts, chains, and mechanical parts.

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