Maintenance Methods of High Speed Nail Making Machine

Maintenance Methods of High Speed Nail Making Machine

Each of the small nails is made of a round iron wire with the same diameter as the nail rod through the cyclic movement of the wire nail making machine such as straightening → stamping → wire feeding → clamping → shearing → stamping. Every step in this process is significant.

Ⅰ. Working principles of high speed nail making machine

The punching motion on the high speed nail making machine is driven by the rotation of the main shaft (eccentric shaft) to drive the connecting rod and the punch to form a reciprocating motion, thereby implementing the punching motion. The clamping movement consists of repeated pressure on the clamping rod by the rotation of the secondary shafts (also eccentric shafts) and cams on both sides, causing the clamping rod to swing left and right, clamping and loosening the movable nail making the mould, and completing a cycle of wire clamping exercise. The auxiliary shaft rotates while driving the small connecting rods on both sides to rotate to make the tire cutter boxes reciprocate. The cutter fixed in the tire cutter box realizes the shearing movement. The nail-making wire is plastically deformed or separated by punching, clamping the mould, and shearing the cutter to obtain the shape of the required nail cap and nail tip and nail size. 

The nails processed by wire nail making machines have stable quality, high production efficiency, and convenient operation, which realizes the automation and mechanization. And it greatly reduces the production cost of the nails. Therefore, the accuracy and structure of the main shaft, auxiliary shaft, punch, mould, and tool directly affect the forming and accuracy of the nail.

Ⅱ. The maintenance methods of the high speed nail making machine 

1. Do not carry out adjustment work during equipment operation.

2. Keep the equipment clean and tidy, the nail moulds should be cleaned frequently, and rusty cables should not be used to make nails.

3. After starting, the three-phase five-wire rocker can be turned after the high speed nail making machine is in regular operation, and the three-phase five-wire rocker must be terminated when parking.

4. Keep the nail knife sharp. 

5. During the entire operation of the equipment, attention should be paid to the temperature rise of each friction position and the generation of abnormal noise at any time and place.

6. Turn off the switching power supply first when maintaining machinery and equipment.

7. The instruments that must be replaced should use the original specifications and models.

The high speed nail making machine can make cables into nails of different specifications. It has the characteristics of simple operation, fast speed and low noise. It is the most widely used wire nail making machine. The machine has high-cost performance characteristics, small size, flexible movement, high speed, low noise, low power consumption, convenient installation, convenient operation, energy-saving, stable and reliable performance, etc.

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