Sealing Performance of Vacuum Annealing Furnace

Sealing Performance of Vacuum Annealing Furnace

Both vacuum annealing furnace and vacuum tempering furnace belong to the category of vacuum heat treatment. They can remove scales on the surface of the workpiece, and have the functions of degreasing and degassing, so as to achieve the effect of bright and clean surface. The heating principle of vacuum annealing furnace and tempering furnace is the same, but there are some differences in the use of workpieces.

1. Use of vacuum annealing furnace

Vacuum annealing furnace is mainly suitable for stainless steel deep drawing parts such as plumbing equipment, water expansion parts, pins, medical equipment, stainless steel nails, stainless steel screws, pressure riveting parts, stainless steel bearings, watch cases, watch straps, knives, micro shafts, self-tapping and self-tapping parts. It is a multi-purpose furnace for continuous bright annealing, solid solution, demagnetization and stainless steel quenching treatment of stainless steel products such as drills and tableware under the control of protective atmosphere. The treated product has the advantages of smooth surface, no oxidation and no decarbonization, and has the advantages of high production efficiency, low energy consumption, less pollution, convenient operation and use, and low labor intensity.

2. The vacuum annealing furnace has good sealing performance

It is suitable for high concentration atmosphere protection experiments and vacuum high temperature experiments. The mouth of the vacuum annealing furnace is designed with a water cooling device, equipped with a double-head valved air inlet, a protective cover, a gas flow meter, a silicone tube, a single-headed valved gas outlet, a protective cover, and a vacuum pressure gauge. When using, it is necessary to connect the cold liquid in the low temperature tank provided by the user to the cooling device (the method of water cooling can also be used when the use temperature is not high). In the atmosphere protection experiment, inert gases such as nitrogen, hydrogen and other gases can be directly introduced to prevent oxidation and decarburization of the workpiece heated at high temperature. It is used for high temperature sintering, quenching and other heat treatment processes under gas protection. If a high-purity process is required, a vacuum pump is used to extract the air in the furnace first, and then fill in the inert gas. A certain pressure can also be increased as needed to ensure the high purity of the inert gas; when doing vacuum high-temperature experiments, it is necessary to extract the vacuum in the furnace before heating up.

3. Precautions when using vacuum annealing furnace

(1) The cooling device interface needs to be connected with coolant before heating up.

(2) The vacuum annealing furnace is suitable for heating under atmosphere protection or vacuum state.

(3) It is strictly forbidden to heat up in a non-atmosphere protection and non-vacuum state or in an object with gas expansion.

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