Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine

Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine for Sale

Wire straightening and cutting machine is working for a piece of straightened wire. The wire is using for the gabion net side, bordering with gabion net twists and ready for making a gabion box.

Metal Tech wire straightening machine for sale are designed with long wire track for 6 meters can match all demand of clients’ and the cost of it is very low and the lifetime usually can reach 7-8 years at least.

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Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine

Specifications of Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine


Wire straightening and cutting machine

Wire diameter


Length cutting of wire


Moving wire speed




Size (L*W*H)




Advantages of Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine

Metal tech Wire straightening and cutting machine low cost, long lifetime, very easy for operating.

Advantages of Metal Tech Wire Straightening Machine Manufacturer

Metal Tech is a professional manufacture of wire straightening cutting machines, Our wire straightens and cut wire is made under strict inspection and of high quality. Wire straightening cutting machines adopt microcomputer control, automatic straightening, automatic cutting off. Easy to operate, simple to use. Small footprint, easy to disassemble and install. Computer storage memory, efficient and convenient. Smooth running, low failure rate, easy maintenance. The body of the comprehensive iron shell protection, the use of safer and more secure. Inquiry now, we will give you bulk wholesale wire straightening machine price.

How is Wire Straightening Cutting Machine Works?

The use of wire straightener and cutter processing cold-drawn steel wire can make the rust removal, straightening, cutting three processes completed in one go. The wire straightening machine is composed of a machine base, straightening device, traction device, cutting device, fixed-length mechanism, receiving material support and electric transmission mechanism. Its working principle is: one end of the steel wire placed on the plate frame is passed through the straightening cylinder driven by an electric motor. The cylinder is equipped with five sets of straightening blocks, of which three sets of straightening blocks have their center holes deviated from the rotation axis of the straightening cylinder. The wire is straightened by bending in different directions as it passes through the rotating barrel. The traction roller and the gear tool are driven by another motor. The traction roller pulls the wire through the slot in the gear tool. When its end touches the limit switch on the receiving bracket, the clutch circuit is turned on, so that the gear tool rotates 120 degrees down to fix the length of the steel bar, and the cut steel wire falls into the bracket. 

Wire Straightener and Cutter Applications

Metal Tech wire straightening cutting machine is used to straighten and slice the metal wire such as iron wire, steel wire, aluminum wire, copper wire and other machinery and equipment of equal length. The wire straightener and cutter is composed of a straightening mechanism, feeding mechanism and wheel cutting mechanism. The machine can realize the function of no trace straightening, automatic feeding to measure the length, following the cut off, etc. Wire straightening cutting machine is widely used in hardware, machinery, electrical, instrumentation, construction and other industries. Wire straightening machine for sale, RFQ Now.

Details of Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine


Finished Products of Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine


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