Gabion Packing Machine

Gabion Packing Machine

Gabion packing machine can be called gabion press machine as well. Gabion packing machine's main function is pressing the gabion box to save space for transportation. 

Metal Tech offers two types of gabion packing machines, a single-cylinder gabion packing machine and a double cylinder gabion packing machine. Double cylinder gabion packing machine working with double cylinder and can press 15% more than the single type. Also, we can design and manufacture the packing machine according to clients' requirements.

Gabion Packing Machine

Specifications of Gabion Packing Machine

Parts2 m Gabion Packing machine
Working width2m4m
Working wayhydraulichydraulic
Work pressure0.7~0.8mPa0.7~0.8mPa
Size (L*W*H)2640×2200×3900(mm)4640×2200×3900(mm)
Two cylinder can save 5%-10% packing space

Advantages of Gabion Packing Machine

Metal Tech gabion packing machine, gabion press machine designed with double cylinder and can save more space than the single-cylinder packing machine and also we use high-quality material parts, such like NSK bearing, PARKER hydraulic system, quenching and brazing half gear etc, strict quality management all these guarantee superior quality and long performance gabion machine life.


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