Reasons of Wear of the Wire Drawing Machine

Reasons of Wear of the Wire Drawing Machine

Reasons for the wear of the die during the wire drawing process of the wire drawing machine:

Ⅰ. The compression ratio set by the wire drawing machine is unreasonable

This can cause scars or cracks in the die of the wire drawing machine. This situation is generally caused by internal stress release. The internal stress of the material is understandable, and the internal stress generated by the wire drawing machine can improve the die's microcrystalline structure. However, if the compression rate of the drawing surface exceeds the normal value, it will cause the surface due to the failure of normal lubrication. The temperature rise will cause part of the material on the surface of the mold to be transferred, and the stress will increase and aggravate the wear.

Ⅱ. The material of the wire drawing machine and the position of the die hole do not match

In this case, the stress on the material and the wire drawing die will fluctuate, and the impact generated by the vibration of the wire drawing machine will also cause high-stress peaks on the wire, and the wire drawing dies, which will make the wear of the die more serious.

Ⅲ. Factors such as uneven production quality of materials due to annealing problems

These factors will cause the diamond wire drawing die to fatigue prematurely, forming an annular groove, thereby accelerating the wear of the die hole. It may be due to the material. If the surface of the processed wire is not smooth and is also contaminated with an oxide layer, sand, and other impurities, the mold will wear out too quickly.

When the wire of the wire drawing machine passes through the die hole, the oxide layer or other adhering impurities on it will cause the die hole of the wire drawing die to wear quickly and scratch the surface of the wire. If the lubrication quality is unqualified, the die hole will heat up soon due to the lack of proper lubrication protection during the drawing process of the wire drawing machine, causing damage to the die.

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