Wire and Wire Mesh For Architectural & Protective Fence

Wire and Wire Mesh For Architectural & Protective Fence

Architectural& Protective fences are mainly produced by chain link fence-making machines, wire mesh welding machines and barbed wire making machines.

According to different architectural& Protective applications, chain link fence machines, wire mesh welding machines and fully automatic barbed wire machine can produce different wire diameters and different mesh sizes for road, building, bridge, railway construction and high protective fence, mining protective fence, Slope protection fence, farm protection barbed wire etc.

Metal Tech chain link jali machine has three models, single wire type, double wire type chain fencing machine and single wire double mold type chain fencing machine can apply to different countries and different areas. The mesh size range from 25x25(1inch) to 200x200(8inch).

Metal tech wire mesh welding machine includes concrete reinforcing girder production line, steel bar truss deck production line, ALC wall panel mesh welding production line, brick mesh welding production line, steel bar welding production line etc.

Metal Tech barbed wire making machine has three models first model is CS-A fencing wire making machine, the second model is CS-B automatic barbed wire making machine and the third model is CS-C barbed wire making machine China for different sharp barbed wire.

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