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Gabion machine, also known as gabion mesh machine, its purpose is to produce wire mesh, and then the complete net is folded and connected into a complete stone cage net box. The basic working principle is the interweaving of horizontal and vertical screens. As a gabion machine manufacturer, Metal Tech is committed to providing different types of gabion machines with reasonable gabion machine price.

Types of Gabion Making Machine

There are many types of gabion machine produced by our gabion machine manufacturer for you to choose. Different types have different gabion machine prices to meet your different needs. If you want to learn more, please contact us!

Advantages of Gabion Making Machine

  • Ease of handling and transportation.

  • Speed of construction.

  • Flexibility (Gabions tolerate movement)

  • Permeability to water (Good drainage)

  • Gabions offer an easy-to-use method for decreasing water velocity and protecting slopes from erosion.

  • Firstly, gabion mesh machine is to produce high quality wire mesh like hexagonal netting products for strengthening stone box use. Secondly, our gabion mesh machine utilizes advanced technology at home and abroad to guarantee the smooth operation and low noise. Lastly but not least, it is convenient to control for customers due to its design.

Gabion Making Machines Topics

What is Gabion Making Machine

Gabion net machine is a machine specially used for producing gabion net in gabion machine line. The so-called gabion is a cage filled with stones set up to prevent river banks or structures from being washed by water. In China, the ecological grid structure originated from bamboo cages that lasted more than 2,000 years, and Li Bing and his sons first used it in the Dujiangyan Project.

The Application of Gabion Making Machine

Nowadays, as a new type of ecological grid structure with new technology, new technology and new materials, the mesh straightening machine has been successfully applied to the protection projects of water conservancy projects, highways, railway projects, and dikes, and it has realized the organic combination of engineering structure and ecological environment.

Gabion Making Machine Is Used To Produce Following Hexagonal Netting Products

One of the gabion mesh machines produced by our gabion machine manufacturer can be specifically applied to produce the following hexagonal netting products, which is a hexagonal wire mesh machine. We provide customers with heavy hexagonal wire mesh machines and ancillary equipment, materials and tools, helping them install and set up gabion machine lines to produce hexagonal netting products. This hexagonal netting product are often fixed in a proper position through rock and other fillers, which can prevent the damage caused by water scouring.

Gabion Box Machine, Gabion Machine Manufacturers Video

As one of gabion machine manufacturers, Metal Tech boasts a elite company team using the most advanced technology at home and abroad to provide customers with the best quality service and decent gabion machine price.

FAQs of Gabion Making Machine

What is your gabion making machine type?

Metal Tech is devoted to providing different types of high-quality gabion machines, gabion mesh machine, hexagonal wire netting machine, gabion press machine, gabion packing machine, wire straightening and cutting machine, butt-welding machine, net straightening machine, net cutting machine and net selvdage machine are all available in our company.

What is the raw material for gabion mesh?

There are two main raw materials for gabion mesh. One is a hexagonal net woven from plastic-coated galvanized steel wire and PVC steel wire, the other is a hexagonal net woven from PVC zinc 5% aluminum mixed rare earth alloy steel wire.

How many mesh size can one machine produce?

Usually, one machine produces one mesh size. 

What is the main motor's capacity?

Main motor 30KW.

​Why main customers choose gabion mesh machine with width 4300mm?

Why do many customers choose a gabion machine with a width of 4300mm? Because this kind of gabion net machine is more efficient, it can produce four times the net width at a time, which can meet the specific requirements of different customers.

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As one of gabion machine manufacturers, Metal Tech is devoted to providing different types of high-quality gabion machines in gabion production line.
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