Bolt Making Machine

Aluminium Tower Bolt Making Machine

Metal tech Bolt Making Machine, adopting multi station cold heading forming technology, mainly used in the production of bolts and some non-standard accessories. Metal Tech is a professional bolt making machine manufacturers and service provider of nut bolt making machine and screw bolt making machine, While trying to maintain the quality of the bolt making machine for sale, we continue to improve and reduce costs, and provide customers with high-quality machines and better bolt making machine price.

Bolt Making Machine Price
Bolt Making Machine

Specifications of Bolt Making Machine

CUT-OFF DIA.MAX. (mm)1012151823293438
CUT-OUT LENGTH MAX.(mm)130180230185240270400270400445290370460400450
KICK-OUT LENGTH MAX.(mm)120175225180225230335230335370235340410340390
P.K.O.LENGTH MAX. (mm)233036303536603560703560606070
CUT-OFF QUILL(D×L) (mm)38×7940×8040×8046×8060×10060×12060×12075×12090×140110×140115×140
MAIN DIE HOLE (D×L) (mm)70×13580×13580×24093×19093×240100×240100×360125×240125×360125×420160×250160×370160×450178×385195×420

PUNCH HOLE (D×L)   (mm)45×11150×13050×19060×17060×20075×20075×23290×19090×24090×290105×200105×232106×270120×250135×280
RAM STROKE(mm)200250360270360360500360500580360500600500580
FORGING POWER (ton)658590


MIN.LENGTH (mm)2030504050501004010010060100100100100
MAIN MOTOR  (HP)304040505075100100125125125150150175200

What Machine Makes Nuts and Bolts?

Bolt and nut making machine and screw and bolt manufacturing machine are used as an important means of producing different types of bolts, screws, rivets and nuts in the field of fastener industry. The former are also widely used in the economic territories of different countries for the production of fasteners and unusual non-standard parts, such as aviation, ships, machinery, rail transportation, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, sewing machines, construction, furniture, light industrial goods, etc.

Advantages of Bolt Making Machine

Metal tech Bolt Making Machine uses high-quality material parts, strict quality management all these guarantee superior quality and long performance Bolt Making Machine life.

Advantages of Aluminium Tower Bolt Making Machine

Metal Tech's multi station tower bolt making machine and multi station nut making machine can produce various types of standard and non-standard bolts, nuts, screws and other parts according to the requirements of customers.

Details of Bolt Making Machine

Aluminium Tower Bolt Making Machine

Finished Products of Bolt Making Machine

Nut Bolt Manufacturing Machine and Screw Nut Bolt Making Machine

Metal Tech Case of Bolt Making Machine


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