Pointing Machine

Pointing Machine for Wire Drawing

Metal tech Pointing Machine is It is the auxiliary machine of the wire drawing machine, which is used to roll the wire into thin pieces so as to pass through the drawing die of each pass at the initial stage of drawing. Get pointing machine for wire drawing directly from wire drawing machine manufacturer at wholesale drawing machine price now!

Pointing Machine

After Sale Service of Pointing Machine

1. One set of every detail manual operation and maintenance

2. Installation and commissioning (point 7 in terms)

3. Training program (include training the factory operator and technical)

4. Installation and commissioning report with all the information which from the whole period

Advantages of Pointing Machine

Metal tech High-station Wire Pay-off with Descaling Wheels use high-quality material parts, strict quality management all these guarantee superior quality and long performance High-station Wire Pay-off with Descaling Wheels life. 

Pointing Machine for Wire Drawing Applications

Automatic wire drawing machine has high level of automation control, easy to adjust the machine, easy to operate, no need for professional technicians to operate the machine, saving labor costs. The range of wire pointing machine processed by this machine is wide, as long as the jig is changed according to different products, pointing machine for wire drawing can process multiple products and realize the multi-purpose of one machine.

Pointing Machine for Wire Drawing Directly from Wire Drawing Machine Manufacturer

Whether a drawing machine is well made or not depends on the cost of its parts and whether the manufacturing technology is mature, and the manufacturer's brand and after-sales service are very important, only after confirming these factors can we buy the drawing machine of our choice. Metal Tech pointing machine for wire drawing can meet your drawing machine project, inquiry now.

Terms of Pointing Machine

  • Delivery of Equipment: FOB China Port

  • Payment Terms: 40% By T/T in advance as down payment,

    60% By T/T or Irrevocable Confirmed L/C at sight before Shipment

  • Delivery Time: Within 30-60 days after receipt of the down payment

  • Packing: with plastic film safety packing

  • Guarantee: 12 months after commissioning or 18months after shipment. Whichever first is in valid. (It is excluding wear parts. Shipping cost for parts to be replaced during warranty period has to be borne by the customer.)

  • Installation and Start-up: 1-2 technicians and 1 interpreter will be assigned to coordinate installation, commissioning and training, for the maximum duration of 15 working days, the buyer will supply the air return tickets, food, accommodation (hotel and one day three meals), transportation, communication, insurance, tax (if have) for the technicians and the interpreter. USD100.00/day/person working fee will be paid to them.

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