The Technological Process of Nails Making Machine

The Technological Process of Nails Making Machine

The waste steel bar nail production machine is based on the perspective of waste utilization, energy-saving and high efficiency, and turning waste into treasure, all from the perspective that users can get rich quickly, focusing on economical practicability, achieving high technical content, operation and use and convenience. It also has small power, energy-saving, stable and reliable performance, and the quality reaches the standard. The equipment has the characteristics of small size, flexibility, convenient movement, low noise, low power consumption, and easy installation. Therefore, the project has become an ideal project for enterprises, individuals, families, laid-off workers and farmers to get rich quick investment. The technological process of the nail production machine: waste steel bar-----A+B type wire drawing machine-----nail making machine-----polish remover machine-----packaging and delivery.

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Ⅰ. Four steps of the metal nail making machine work

(1) Wire drawing: When making nails after purchase, it is necessary to determine what kind of steel bars will be used for nailing, such as new steel bars, waste steel bars and so on. The wire drawing of scrap steel bars is more troublesome, not as fast as new steel bars, but the cost and profit of scrap steel bars are very considerable. The wire drawing of the finished wire is relatively fast and saves some manpower. The speed of nailing is also very fast.

(2) Manufacturing: After the wire is drawn, it will pass through the automatic wire feeding head, and then the drawn wire will be fed into the wire head to produce the adjusted semi-finished nails.

(3) Polishing: Put the finished semi-finished nails into the polish remover machine for polishing, and then put the sawdust, paraffin, gasoline and other chemical raw materials in the polish remover machine, and then rub and hit to get shiny nails

(4) Packaging: The above three parts are all important, and the packaging can be ordered according to the user's own needs.

Ⅱ. The raw material selection for the nail manufacturing process

The scrap heads left in the prefabrication field with a diameter of less than 8mm and a length of more than 10cm and scrap steel bars, cold drawn wires, scrap welding rods, and round heads removed from the old house are selected as raw materials.

Ⅲ. The principle of the metal nail making machine

The raw materials are drawn and derusted by the wire drawing machine at the same time, and are drawn to the required diameter of the nails; then enter the metal nail making machine to form round nails; put into the polish remover machine (adding raw materials) and cast to the required brightness and pour out. (It can also be pulled into grids, chicken coops, greenhouses, hangers, cart baskets, etc.)

Ⅳ. The after-sales service of the nail manufacturing process

(1) Technical support, management support, marketing support, service support.

(2) Ensure door-to-door installation and commissioning; ensure that technicians are trained on behalf of; ensure the long-term supply of accessories for the nail making machine; ensure the normal production of machinery.

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