The Performance and Role of the Gabion Wire Mesh Machine

The Performance and Role of the Gabion Wire Mesh Machine

After more than ten years of development, the gabion wire mesh machine has undergone three generations of technological innovations, and now it has greatly improved in production speed, quality and operation. The first generation was hand-woven mesh, which was woven into hexagonal wire mesh by hand, and finally made into a cage. Now through mechanical automation, the production of fully automatic gabion nets has basically been realized, without manual netting.

1. The performance of the gabion wire mesh machine

The gabion wire mesh machine is also called gabion mesh machine according to its product appearance and use. Due to the different names in different places, it is also called gabion mesh machine, metal (iron) wire mesh weaving machine, pad machine, slope protection mesh machine, coal mine support mesh machine, anchor mesh machine and other different names.This kind of gabion wire mesh machine with super-perfect performance is not limited by the material of the metal wire, overcomes the strict requirements of the previous machinery for the material of the metal wire, and makes the automatic gabion wire mesh machine more widely used.

Just enter the mesh size and motor speed on the touch screen of the gabion wire mesh machine, then, the automatic production of gabion mesh can be realized.

2. The function of the gabion mesh machine

The use of the gabion mesh woven by the gabion wire mesh machine: the gabion mesh is made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire. The mesh has a strong structure and a flat surface. It is widely used in petrochemical, agricultural construction and construction industries for reinforcement, protection, and as protective cages, boiler covers with cold and heat resistance, and floor slab reinforcement. It can also be used to make poultry fences, fish pond fences, children's playground fences and home decoration. It has a solid structure, a flat surface, and has good anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation and other characteristics. Among them, heavy-duty gabion nets can be used to control and guide rivers and floods.

We can lay a solid gabion net on the inner side or on the edge of the river channel, so that the flood water flows directly down, and when it hits the river bank, it will directly impact the gabion net. Because the gabion net is made of stones, it will not be damaged in any way.

The maximum speed of the gabion wire mesh machine can reach 65 meshes per minute, and the speed can be adjusted appropriately according to the raw material conditions to reduce the breakage rate. It runs smoothly and has low noise. If there are broken wires, broken nets, the device will automatically stop when the length is in place, and an alarm will be issued. The mesh width is wide, the mesh holes are neat and even, and the wire can be clamped in the middle at any position. Although the unit price of the gabion mesh produced by the welded gabion wire mesh machine is higher than that of the scattered steel bar, it can still save about 30% of the steel bar consumption after considering some structural requirements, because the raw wire rod of the welded steel mesh is made of cold drawn or cold rolled low carbon hot rolled wire rod. And because it is made by a factory automated production line, the loss of the gabion mesh is minimal.

The gabion wire mesh machine is a wire mesh made of angular mesh (gabion-shaped) woven by metal wires. The diameter of the metal wire used varies according to the size of the gabion.

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