Wire and Wire Mesh For Water Engineering In Metal Tech

Wire and Wire Mesh For Water Engineering In Metal Tech

Gabion Box is widely used in water engineering. Compare with other materials like concrete, Geotextile etc, the gabion is more economical and easy for construction. So you can easily find the gabion near your life, in riverbank, in sea beach, on lakeside etc.

Metal Tech gabion machine can offer different mesh size from 60x80mm to 120x140mm, different mesh size with different wire diameter range, for the machine working width we offer 3 types 3500mm 4500mm and 5500mm, depending on the different gabion purpose Metal Tech will recommend most suitable gabion machine to each client. And according to different requirements in different countries, PVC coated gabion is another type of gabion.  

From 1999 year, the first gabion machine developed in China till now over 20 years, more than 400 sets Metal Tech gabion machines are dispatched to all of the world, and contribute to their share for the development of world water engineering.

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