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Annealing Furnace For Sale

Our annealing furnace manufacturer provides an annealing furnace for sale. The wire annealing furnace is one of the heat treatment equipment in the mechanical industry, which puts the wire or metal parts in different heating furnaces, slowly heats them to a certain temperature, keeps them for a period of time, and then cools them at an appropriate speed(usually natural cooling, sometimes controlled cooling).

Types of Annealing Furnaces

Metal Tech offers four types of wire annealing furnaces for sale from the perspective of energy, including gas annealing furnace, LPG annealing furnace, electric annealing furnace and hydraulic cover annealing furnace. Besides, you can choose other furnaces including bell type annealing furnace, bright annealing furnace, vacuum annealing furnace and aluminum annealing furnace based on your requirements.

Advantage of Annealing Furnace

  • Long lifetime. 8-12 years in general, Max. more than 15 years.

  • Service, Service, Service. Due to the different markets, different countries, some of the clients will face some problems with Wire Drawing Machine. Metal Tech cherishes every client and does the best service always.

  • Machine quality control. Each production step has been controlled by our inspectors. And use all high-quality raw materials.

  • Technical support. We can design not only machines but also client's factory, workshop, etc. for all clients.

  • Friendship, besides professional business and manufacturing service, Friendship is also the most important thing for Metal Tech, we hope we can make longtime friendship with all people from all over the world.

Annealing Furnace Topic

Annealing furnace's purpose is to soften the Metal material or workpiece processed by drawing, casting, forging, welding or cutting, reduce hardness, improve plasticity and toughness, homogenize chemical composition, remove residual stress, or obtain expected physical properties.

  • Annealing Furnace Process and Working Principle

There are three stages of wire annealing furnace process. The first stage is heating to the required temperature. The second is holding at a constant temperature. The last stage is cooling. Most importantly, The high temperature cycle should be long enough to guarantee the desired transformation. The process of cooling should be done slowly to avoid cracking due to the thermal gradients and thermos-elastic stresses in the metal parts. Our annealing furnace manufacturer is always committed to supply high-quality wire annealing furnaces.

  • Annealing Furnace Design

Our annealing furnace manufacturer adheres to the annealing furnace design of simple operation, convenient and safe products, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality annealing furnaces and installation and other after-sales services. There are various types of wire annealing furnace. Our products save customers a lot of time and labor costs, not only improve the customer's operating efficiency, but also achieve mutual benefit and mutual progress. Our company aims to become the world's top annealing furnace manufacturer. If you want to know more about our products, please contact us.

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