What Are the Materials of the Wire Drawing Die of the Wire Drawing Machine?

What Are the Materials of the Wire Drawing Die of the Wire Drawing Machine?

When using wire drawing machine to draw various metal wires, in order to ensure the quality of the drawn wires, we often need to use the tool - wire drawing die. The so-called wire drawing die is a kind of mold that a metal wire pass through and become thin, so as to become a certain size that people need. So, how much do you know about the drawing die materials of the wire drawing machine?

With the development of technology, there are several drawing dies made of different materials and more options for different users. If it is classified by materials, we can divide the wire drawing dies of the wire drawing machine into alloy steel dies, cemented carbide dies, polycrystalline diamond dies, natural diamond dies, CVD diamond dies and ceramic dies. These new materials expand the application scope of the drawing dies, and also prolong the service life of the drawing dies.

Introduction of Wire Drawing Die Materials

In order to help you better understand the wire drawing die, several wire drawing die materials will be selected for you to explain. First of all, we want to introduce the alloy steel die. This alloy steel wire drawing die appeared earlier than other kinds of materials, but due to its many shortcomings in working performance, it is not able to meet the needs of modern production, so it is gradually replaced by other wire drawing dies.

Then, let's take a look at cemented carbide drawing die that is widely used today. This kind of wire drawing die has many advantages. It not only has high wear resistance, but also has the advantages of small friction coefficient, low energy consumption and high corrosion resistance. Therefore, in comparison, the wire drawing die made of cemented carbide takes over more advantages and has excellent processing adaptability. It has gradually developed into a necessity for most industries.

In addition, there are many other wire drawing dies made of new materials. Of course, each material has its own characteristics and can meet different processing needs. For users, it is important to choose a drawing die for a drawing machine that suits their production needs. If you want to know which kinds of materials is the best for your production, never mind to contact Metal Tech to give you professional advice. As a Chinese steel wire drawing machine manufacturer, We do have quite rich experiences in choosing wire drawing die materials. 

The Method of Wire Drawing Machine to Control Speed 

It is difficult for a mechanical device to accurately control the speed, and it is even more difficult to ensure the smoothness of the linear speed. But for a wire drawing machine produced by Metal Tech, this is not a big problem.  Because our wire drawing machine  system has very high requirements for speed control. See how does it work?

The entire system of the wire rod drawing machine is relatively complex. The control equipment requires coordination between various motors. In order to achieve this purpose, four servo motors are used for the control to fully meet the real-time interaction between datas. In order to ensure that the track side lines according to the algorithm can be calculated quickly, there is a  full use of the servo internal firmware functions. In this way, the calculation of the driver itself greatly omits the total time calculated by the line position of the traditional wire drawing machine control system. At the same time, the command can be sent to the driver to ensure the lining, tand hus greatly reducing the delay through the controller.

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