Introduction of Wire Diameter and Automatic Production Line of Gabion Wire Mesh Machine

Introduction of Wire Diameter and Automatic Production Line of Gabion Wire Mesh Machine

The gabion machine process uses high-strength galvanized steel wires to weave rectangular cages of different specifications, and the cages are filled with stone structures. The key technology of the process lies in the gabion net, which has a flexible structure, and there will be no results. The material and weaving skills of the gabion net are very particular. The steel wire used for weaving the gabion net is high-strength low-carbon galvanized steel wire, and the surface is coated with a plastic polymer optimized resin film, whose  anti-rust, wear-resistant, anti-erosion, anti-fracture ability is extremely strong. The weaving method adopts the double-pair grid technology, which is to weave a double-pair hexagonal net with a gabion machine. The steel wires are tied together to form a mesh in a double-pair manner. Even if one or two steel wires are broken, the mesh will not unravel and is exceptionally strong. The gaps outside the net are filled with soil, and after the seeds of the plants outside grow, the roots can fix the stones outside, which not only plays the role of protecting the embankment, but also restores the ecology and greens and beautifies the river.

1. The wire diameter of the gabion wire mesh machine

In order to ensure that the metal coating and PVC coating of the twisted part of the steel wire are not damaged. The box structure made by the gabion machine using the net is the gabion, and the weight of the metal coating is generally higher than 245g/m2. The length of the twisted part of the pair shall not be less than 50mm. The diameter of the low carbon steel wire used varies according to the engineering design requirements. The tensile strength of the steel wire of the gabion mesh is not less than 38kg/m2. The diameter of the edge line of the gabion mesh sheet is usually larger than the diameter of the mesh wire, usually between 2.0-4.0mm. The gabion mesh is made of high corrosion resistance, high strength, Ductile low-carbon steel wire or PVC-coated steel wire is machine-woven.

2. Fully automated production line of gabion wire mesh machine

The fully automatic gabion wire mesh machine production line can realize full automation from weaving the net to completing the curling of the mesh. This fully automatic system greatly improves the output and reduces labor. This system has been favored by foreign buyers. At present, this system is mature and can meet the market demand. The gabion net production line is a professional equipment for processing gabion nets, which can be used in the production of slope support, foundation pit support, mountain rock surface hanging net spraying, slope vegetation (greening), railway and highway isolation fence nets, etc. This kind of mesh can also be made into cages and mesh pads, which can be used for anti-scouring protection of rivers, dams and seawalls, as well as cages for reservoirs and river closures.

The use of the gabion net woven by the gabion net production line: the gabion machine gabion net is made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire. The net structure is firm and the surface is flat. Widely used in petrochemical, agricultural construction and construction industries for reinforcement, protection, as protective cages, boiler covers are reinforced with cold-resistant and heat-resistant concrete panels, and can also be used to make poultry fences, fish pond fences, and children's playground fences and home decoration, etc. The structure is solid, the surface is flat, and it has good anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation characteristics. Among them, heavy gabion nets can be used to control and guide rivers and floods.

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