How to Produce Smooth Nails with a Nail Production Machine?

How to Produce Smooth Nails with a Nail Production Machine?

1. The Improvement of Nail Production Machines in Terms of Nail Production

Some people have a poor mastery of nail production machines and may think that such devices are only used for making general round nails. In fact, with some improvements to the nail-making machine, all types of steel nails can be produced with ease. Today, we will analyze the common misconceptions about the role of nail-making machines and hope that you can correct them.

The role of nail production machines is much stronger than old ironworkers imagine. It can not only be used to make general round nails, but also other special nails with ease, which only require updates and improvements to the nail-making machine. The updated and improved equipment makes round nails a basic product, and furthermore, insulation nails, large-headed nails, expansion and rupture-resistant external thread nails, anti-crowbar door shuttles and other products are all possible.

In addition to the increasing variety of steel nails being produced, the specifications and sizes of steel nails have also been greatly improved by nail-making machines. Nail-making machines can now make steel nails as long as 16 centimeters, and if you have special requirements, nail-making machines can almost always meet them.

2. The Method for Nail Production Machines to Produce Smooth Nails

Nail production machines include nail production machines, wire drawing machines, straightening machines, and polishing machines. In the entire nail-making process, you should turn the fine iron wire into the required nail diameter. The resulting nails should be smooth, and the building steel should be straight and not bent. The produced nails should be polished, and polishing machines can polish semi-finished nails into smooth-headed nails. Raw materials such as paraffin sawdust can be put into the polishing machine, and the unnecessary fine strips or corners on the nails can be polished to smoothness, so that you can produce smooth nails.

To produce smooth nails, nail production machines must maintain sharp nail knives, cleanliness of the equipment, frequent cleaning of the nail molds, and nail-making with wires that have not rusted. The components that need to be replaced by nail production machines must be the same specification as before. Regular oil lubrication is necessary to ensure good lubrication in all lubrication positions.

The operator of a nail production machines should master the machine's structure, characteristics, and calibration methods, and understand the relevant aspects of application, maintenance, and maintenance.

Third, the maintenance of nail production machines:

1) Do not adjust the machine during operation.

2) Keep the machine clean, clean the nail molds frequently, and do not use rusty wires to make nails.

3) Wait for the machine to operate normally before using the wire feeding handle to feed the wire and make nails, and stop feeding before stopping the machine.

4) Keep the nail knife sharp.

5) Pay attention to the temperature changes and abnormal noises at each frictional part during the operation of the machine.

6) When repairing equipment or electrical appliances, turn off the power first.

7) Parts that need to be replaced should be of the same specifications.

8) Regular oiling and lubrication to ensure good lubrication in all lubrication parts. For new machines, it is best to carry out a lot of lubrication within 15 days.

9) Do not operate the machine without removing the protective cover.

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