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Nail Making Machine for Sale

Nail making machine can make steel wire into nails of different specifications. As one of nail making machine manufacturers, Metal Tech offers fine nail making machine for sale to meet high standard of customers. Inquiry screw nail making machine price directly from China factory.

Types of Metal Nail Making Machine

There are six types of automatic wire nail making machine for sale produced nail making machine manufacturers, including high speed nail making machine, nail polishing machine, automatic nail making machine, cutting tool grinder, coil nail making machine and roofing nail making machine.

Advantage of Nail Making Machine

  • Long lifetime. 10-15 years in general, Max. more than 20 years.

  • Service, Service, Service. Due to the different markets, different countries, some of the clients will face some problems with Wire Drawing Machine. Metal Tech cherishes every client and does the best service always.

  • Machine quality control. Each production step has been controlled by our inspectors. And use all high-quality raw materials.

  • Technical support. We can design not only machines but also client's factory, workshop, etc. for all clients.

  • Friendship, besides professional business and manufacturing service, Friendship is also the most important thing for Metal Tech, we hope we can make longtime friendship with all people from all over the world.

  • Our automatic wire nail making machine ensures the characteristics of high speed, low noise and less impact.

  • It can be used to produce various specifications of ordinary steel nails, rivets, cement steel nails and other round nails, especially to produce high-quality linoleum nails and other special-shaped nails for high-speed nail welding machines and nail guns.

  • The machine has advanced design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient use and safe operation.

  • The equipment of our nail making machine factory adopts fully enclosed work, which is soundproof, dust proof, safe and integrated.

Nail Making Machine Topic

The raw materials are drawn by the wire drawing machine to remove the rust, and the diameter of the nail to be made is drawn at the same time; Then enter the nail-making mechanism to form round nails; Then put it into the polishing machine to make the Nails brightness. The working model of the nail-making machine is to use the steel wire to make nails of the required sizes. The straightener in the feeding device straightens the steel wire, and then the steel wire is fed in by the feeder. The clamping device completes the clamping process and cuts and compresses the iron wire according to the specification.

  • Iron And Steel Nail Making Machine

Our company supplies many nailing machines of different materials, including iron nail machine and steel nail making machine. Steel nails produced by steel nail making machine are used to nail objects. It is widely used in industry, agriculture, construction, civil use and so on. It is mainly used to fix objects with small axial separation force and small radial shear force. It has the characteristics of simple processing, convenient use, and rapid nailing. The iron nails produced by steel nail making machine have a flat head at one end and a sharp end at the other end, which is mainly used for fixing or connecting, and can also be used to hang objects. Inquiry steel nail making machine price. From the hardness to distinguish: the hardness of steel nails is large and the hardness of iron nails is small, which is used for wood and soil materials. 

Nail Making Machine Factory Video

As one of nail making machine factories, Metal Tech is committed to supply various types of automatic wire nail making machine, which can make steel wire into nails of different specifications.

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